"Evidence-based Research, Health Economics, and Policy"

Sealth Analytics


About Us

Sealth Analytics, LLC (Sealth) is a boutique consulting company.
We are a group of health economists and researchers with extensive knowledge and experience studying the effects of health care interventions on health care costs and outcomes.  Sealth provides research and expert consulting services in two practice areas: 1) cost and outcome analysis;  and 2) regulatory and policy analysis.  

Overview of Services

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Cost Effectiveness Models 
We specialize in economic evaluations that assess the value of interventions.  Techniques include cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and return-on-investment analysis.   

Budget Impact Models
We build Excel-based budget impact models that estimate the cost from incorporating a new therapy into a health plan or system. These models are population-based, meaning that they incorporate incidence and prevalence rates for the population of interest.


Model Adaptation

To secure local reimbursement, we also specialize in adapting budget impact and cost-effectiveness models in Europe and other parts of the world. The adaptation process ensures that a consistent model and message are presented across countries (and across regions within countries).

Observational Database and SEER Data Analyses
We specialize in identifying, designing and analyzing patient databases (medical claims, electronic health records, registries, SEER, etc.).  Our expertise also includes systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis to synthesize published evidence to support commercialization strategies and product lifecycle management.